Starlooks LookBook Subscription Review


Starlooks is a PRO quality, HD, photo-compatible makeup line. The value of the products you receive in our subscriptions range from $27 – $100! – but you get them for just $12.

Let me start out by saying that I LOVE the Lookbook. It’s so nice to have a set of makeup that all goes together with instructions on how to use it with pictures! My only complaint about this is I wish it was in a little booklet. I don’t keep my makeup in the packaging in comes in so I had to rip out the 3 pages from the box.


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Everything that comes in the Lookbook box is all limited edition and can only be found IN the Lookbook box! Don’t miss out next month! Order now!


(Left to Right: Agave eye shadow (pink shadow) Flora mascara, Rawr Lipstick, Agave eye shadow)


Let’s start with the eye shadow; Agave


Unlike last months box each color doesn’t have it’s own name

I really liked these colors. The pinkish tone is very close to a color I have been using for years. A little goes a long way with this one. If you want it to be a little darker; say more of a purple color you can keep applying.

The grey-ish color I wasn’t a huge fan of. Didn’t really like the color as a stand alone and until the other color I have to apply a lot for the color to really show up.


Next: Rawr Lipstick


This is a very pink color. Depending on the lighting it will look up the picture above.

This is a great quality lipstick that will last for awhile. I completely forget that I had tested it on my hand and went out shopping, 3 hours later it was still perfect.

Flora Mascara

This is a really beautiful deep blue color. I have never been a fan of colored mascara but this is amazing. You really only see the blue when the light shines just right.

If you love little hits over color I would look for something like this!

That’s a wrap for this month, be sure you sign up and see what limited edition makeup you’ll get!

I can’t wait to see next months box!

As always shipping is FREE!

Wanna get yourself or someone you know a box? Head over HERE and sign up! You have until the 10th of every month and boxes are shipped within 3 days!

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