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Is there anyone out there that loves Scentsy? I’m totally new to it (I know, I know… I’m late on the whole subject.) I was lucky enough to be able to review one of their plug in warmers thanks to Shauna McDonald!

I was able to pick my scent ( I choose thunderstorm, I love the smell after a good rain!) as well as chose the design for my plug in ( I got the Botanical Collection– Taro)

I was a little shocked at the size of the warmer when I got it, It would have been better if it was a little smaller but the design is beautiful.

This is the size of the warmer compared to a Wii remote.

Now being that this is a plug in warmer there is a night light in it and yes it does come with its own light bulb. I’m not a huge fan of the plug in. I would much rather have a table top warmer that I can put anywhere in the house.

The Smell; Thunderstorm.

I really don’t even have words for how amazing this smells. It’s sweet, it doesn’t really remind me of a storm though; more like fresh laundry washed with a sweet smelling soap.

This is a warmer good for a smaller space. The smell doesn’t travel from room to room; sadly.

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  • Glad you liked it! Our warmers come in 3 sizes and just to clarify, the convenient travel size plug-in you reviewed is intended to scent small bathrooms or hotel rooms. I use one in my small office at work and it is just the right size for that room without overflowing into everyone’s space. We have one in each of our bathrooms at home where counter space is extremely limited. I also take one when we travel to get rid of the hotel room odors. There are many wonderful uses for the Plug-in size warmer.