Saturday Craft: Glass Stone Magnets


Lately I have become a little obsessed with making glass stone magnets. They are SUPER easy to do, cheap and well REALLY cute! I get a lot of free magazines in the mail which I wanted to do something with. I figured why not use them for crafts!

What you need:

Glass Stone Pebbles/Rocks (I picked mine up at the Dollar Tree)

Glue ( you want something that dries CLEAR!)

Adhesive magnets (Michaels, I think I paid $1.99 for a roll with a coupon)

So it’s really basic you simply find a picture you like. I got mine from the mail ads, Lego Magazine, the heart came from a Fab paper I got in the mail… really ANYWHERE.

You put CLEAR glue on the stone and put your picture clipping on top picture side down

Or leaves (I was down in the canyon doing this and figured why not try it!)

And just let it dry (glue side up)

Once everything is dry cut extra paper off

Side note:

The large Ninja Turtle magnet isn’t made with a glass stone it’s just another clipping glued onto a advertising magnet I got in the mail and cut to size

After letting them dry I put some clear glue on the backside to seal it so water wouldn’t ruin anything and stuck on the adhesive magnet and BAM glass stone magnets.


Make sure to let dry on a level area where they won’t be bothered. You don’t want anything to shift while drying!

  (Yes that is a baking sheet and I did make the other magnets as well. If you’d like to see how leave me a comment below and i’ll write those up)

AAANNNDDD Here are the ones I made!

What are you going to make? Leave me a comment below!

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