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Pro Extensions


Recently with the summer heat I decided to cut more than a few inches off my hair; I kept it up most of the time and it was just a pain to deal with all the time. After doing so I started missing my long hair; I want the long mermaid curls back.

That is when I decided I would try getting some clip in extensions (so I could choose when I wanted that long hair!)

I got  the 20 Inch Clip on Hair Extensions with Body Wave from Pro Extensions and I LOVE THEM!! When I want long hair I just clip in some hair; easy peasy!

A FULL SET includes:

  • One (1) 8 inch wide weft with 3 clips
  • One (1) 7 inch wide weft with 3 clips
  • Two (2) 6 inch wide wefts with 3 clips each
  • Six (6) 1 and 1/2 inch wide wefts with 1 clip each
  • Two (2) 1 and 1/2 inch wide wefts (no clips) for testing/coloring


You get a LOT of hair in this set. So much so that when I clip in I normally only need to use half to get the look I’m going for.

Luckily Pro Extensions come in a NUMBER of colors. BUT if by chance they don’t have your color these are 100% human hair therefore you can dye them…. I did half of them my ‘natural” red color; saving the other half for another color since I go between 2 different shades. At the moment I choose to do half and half. Dark on top with light mixed in.


Because these are made from real human hair you can treat them almost just like human hair. You may use mousse, hair spray, gel, or other hair products to style your Pro Extensions. You may also use a hot iron to curl your Pro Extensions.

 Want to buy your own? Head over HERE and use code Harmony for a  5% discount. Need them in a rush? They have FREE overnight shipping when you spend $60 bucks and order before 3pm!

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