PlayLoveLaugh Natural Nail Polish Review & Giveaway!

Play Love Laugh is a homemade natural peel off nail polish based out of New York. These polishes are all made with fruits and are odorless!

* All fruit and vegetable base

* nontoxic

*vegan and gluten free

Dries quick (took about 2 minutes, if even that!)

*Animal friendly (I have to say Toby didn’t enjoy me painting his nails)

*FDA compliant

*Eco friendly

When I first got my bottle of nail polish I notice that it made separated alot, this is because, unlike other “natural” polishes, they don’t use any plasticizers ( plastic) After I shook it up a little it was just fine! It took 2 coats to get them just the way i liked them (picture below)

Ingredient list: water- soluble/nontoxic copolymer, fruit & vegetables, natural mineral, pure cane sugar, may include: nontoxic pigments, and/or nontoxic glitter

These nail polishes are said to last 1-7 days with average of 4 days. . On toenails, they up to 14 days and more. I was actually pretty amazed how long this nail polish lasted. With normal store bought polish i get about a day out of it. Maybe 2 if I’m lucky. The natural polish lasted 4 days; while CAMPING! I was truly amazed.



(Nail Polish Color: Really Teally Fun)

Safe for expecting moms and safe for puppy and dog nails!!

 1 bottle nails, no base and top coat needed.

Directions: shake VERY well, appeal 2 coats.

Removal– Soak hands in warm water and nail polish will soften and peel right off! How awesome is that. If you take hot steam showers just be sure to soak your fingers in cold water for 10 seconds after getting out.

** contains fruit and vegetables

Want to buy some? You can head over HERE to their online store, send them an e-mail at PLAY.PEELOFFPOLISH@YAHOO.COM Or Call them at (516) 860- 5753

Be sure to check them out on Facebook and Twitter and Pinterest!!


Play Love Laugh was kind enough to send me a special treat for 1 lucky winner!

Our winner will receive 3; yes 3 awesome bottles of nail polish!

You will get go For the Green, Grapelicious and Pink Fairy Twinkle!



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