Pines Wheat Grass Tablet Review


Not long ago I was able to review Pines Wheat Grass Tablets. Taking these daily is a great way to get more of the natural vitamins and minerals your body needs! Pines Wheat Grass is a food with such a naturally high concentration of nutrients that one rounded teaspoon is equal to a large serving of a deep green leafy vegetable.

I was really excited when these came in the mail thinking out awesome I would feel… That is until I say that each pill is 15 calories AND you have to take 7… yes 7 tablets a day. I was good for the first week, choked down the 7 pills daily. After the second week I just couldn’t take them anymore. Every morning after washing them down with a glass of water I would feel so sick to my stomach. In all fairness though I’m not a pill person; they also make me feel a little weird afterward. I think the amount you have to take it why I was feeling sick. Maybe if they took it down to 2 pills it would be better.

If you are looking for a nice Wheat Grass Product these are all vegetarian 98% organic wheat grass, 1.5% silica, 0.5% magnesium stearates.

AND if you don’t want to take 7 pills a day they also carry it in powder form for drinks!

Pines International Wheat Grass Powder 10 oz

Pines Wheat Grass 500mg 1400 Tablets

There is also a number of other things HERE

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