Funbites Review

 Funbites!  Make bite size fun food! If you have a picky eater or just like to eat fun shapes (like myself) this is for you! I have the pink heart cutter. So far all I have used it for is watermelon (mm, so good) and cheese.


These are a super fun way of getting creative with food for the kids… an an adult that just happens to enjoy  fun food 🙂

All you have to do it slice whatever food you can into the thickness you’d like. Place cut over area and cut it as you would with a cookie cutter. You the other piece of the cutter to pop them out!

And there you have fun shapes!

Each set is made with a  high performance curved blade cutter that quickly creates small bites and a matching popper top that pops out food instantly so hands are clean, food is untouched.  Funbites are 100% MADE IN THE USA, BPA FREE, Mom invented, hand wash or dishwasher safe.

Wanna see it in action?

Wanna buy one? Head over HERE and chose between the 3!

HeartsSquaresNEW Triangles!

Each sell for $12.99 but the more you buy the more you save! But 1 for $12.99, 2 for $22 or all 3 for $29!

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