Free Samples of Grandma’s Dog Bisquits (US)


Free Grandma Bowser’s Dog Biscuits
That’s right. Grandma Bowser’s used to be in retail stores
nationwide back in the 1990’s. Her biscuits were so popular back
then that when she took her product off of the shelves (for financial
reasons), the letters came
pouring in. now available online!

Thanks to the power of the Internet, Grandma is back, and her
biscuits are

For all you dogs that want to try before you buy, Grandma has
made a big batch of biscuits that she will divy up and send to you so
that you can see for yourself.

Grandma Bowser’s are the tastiest and healthiest biscuits.

Get a free sample now! (while supplies last!) USA ONLY.

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