Free Active Treated Shirt from Agion (US)


Fill out the form to request your free shirt.

A limited number of shirts have been created for our extreme odor experiment.
We are looking for the most unique and extreme T-testers we can find to push the shirt to the limits. Hurry while supplies last!

* Have a big race coming up? Planning a major climb? Tell us how – and when – you plan to test the shirt.
* We’ll send you a custom – made Agion Active T-shirt and you do the rest.
* Half the shirt is treated with Agion Active and the other half is untreated.
* Push the shirt to the limits with the most extreme workout activities you can think of and experience the difference.

3 comments to Free Active Treated Shirt from Agion (US)

  • I workout every other day at the gym for 2 hours!! I would love to test it out!!

  • Janet Gallegos

    you all are awesome. i would love to have this shirt. Thanks

  • Darlene LaBarre

    Very interested to see if it works.