Flameless Tealight Candles Review + Giveaway


If you love candles like me you and have pets you know how much of a hassle it can be to make sure nothing happens!

My kitten is always jumping around making a mess. I always worry he’s going to knock over one of my candles. With¬†Flameless Tealight Candles¬†I have nothing to worry about!

Useful Technical Information:
– Advanced LED Light Technology emits yellow flickering flame that looks completely natural
– 24 lights will turn your home into romantic gateway
– Each candle lasts for more than 120 continued hours
– Battery: CR2032 lithium button that can be replaced easily with minimum cost

Celebright Flameless LED Candles are made with the highest quality in the market.

Wanna buy some now? Head over to Amazon and pick yourself up a pack of 24 for only $24.95!

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