DIY: Simple Cloth Curlers

First I must say that I LOVE having my hair curled but I HATE curling my hair. The hot iron, the waiting… Just not for me. I’ve tried other store bought curlers and they always got stuck in my hair, or fell out or were just painful to sleep on.

The idea of cloth/rag curlers isn’t something new by any means but I thought I would put up a reuse/re-purpose post on how to make your own with cloth scraps you may have around the house.

Old shirt, sheets whatever you have will work just fine. Ideally you want something that has a little stretch to it so you can get a nice tight tie when you put them in. I happened to have some stretchy cloth lying around that I decided to use.


 It took me just a few minutes to cut the cloth into a few strips. I had about 32 of them.

Putting them into your hair is super easy but you will look a little funny 🙂

I sprayed my hair with my homemade leave in conditioner. Then grab a chuck of hair and wrap the end of your hair around it; and roll up until you are at your scalp; then tie once. NOT in a knot!

When you get done it should look like this

 I let mine in over night; about 7 hours.

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