DIY Laptop Skin

I mentioned the other day that I found a cheap way to make a laptop skin! Normal skins can go for $20+ bucks

I found away to make one for $1! Wall Decals!

I recently bought a new cellphone case. It was $1.60 on Amazon (price has gone WAY up, thankfully I ordered before that!! ) I had gift cards from Swagbucks so it was FREE. After looking at my case and my laptop I realized how boring my black laptop really was.

While I was shopping at the Dollar Tree I ran across Wall Stickers. I’m sure you can find these at Walmart, Target, 99 Cent store… just about anywhere really.

They are self-adhesive stickers that are 100%¬†removable¬†with out harming any surface. I figured it couldn’t hurt to see if they would stick to a laptop. I was VERY pleased to see that they did stick!

So now I was looking at my beautiful Laptop I noticed how boring my kindle case was. I wasn’t sure the stickers would work on my kindle case since it is leather. I put a little decal on it to see how it would work. It stayed on and came off flawlessly when I wanted to take it off.

Now all my stuff is pretty! And the best part is I can change it whenever I want to for a cheap price!!

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