DIY Beauty Blotting Papers


Blotting Papers; simple little sheets that cost way more then they should!

I found a way to make simple oil blotting papers for pennies on the dollar… Or well in my case I had what I needed around the house!

Blotting papers are a great way to get oil and shine off your face throughout the day without ruining your makeup.

They can cost anywhere from $5- $10 dollars!

 What you’ll need:

tissue paper or toilet seat covers (99 cents for large pack at store, or toilet seat covers from any public bathroom)



 Yup that’s it! 

I used a cute little tin that I got from Ulta for Christmas. It came with colored eyeliners in it.

Literally all you have to do it cut the tissue to fit in whatever container you choose! Throw it in your bag and you are all set!

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