Feather Hair Clip Review



Lately I have really been into hair clips, bows and all that fancy hair stuff. If you love all kinds of hair accessories is the place for you. They have TONS of awesome hair items including snoods, scarves, bandanasplus so much more .

When I got this Peacock Eye Feather Bar Clip from Coveryourhair in the mail I was very excited to try it out. Right out of the box I was amazed at how pretty the feathers were; the picture above really doesn’t pick up the wonder colors. You can pick up this  4 1/2 inch barrette style hair clip for just a little under $10. Love the feathers but don’t like the peacock eyes? These feather clips come in a NUMBER of different colors. I had a really hard time deciding which one I wanted most; they are all for beautiful.

If you are looking for feather hair accessories but not loving this style of clip they also carry soft and hard women’s headbands!



The one thing I really didn’t like about this clip was that it is a barrette style clip; I would have much rather had it be an alligator clip. With this style of clip if you wear it on the side of your head and want to take it out it messes up your hair. I think an alligator clip would make it much easier to re-position the clip if needed

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