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Do you have a pet? Do you use a bunch of products to clean litterbox smells, refresh couches/ beds? Do you have a caged pet? Need to remove pet stains or anything else that goes along with loving a pet?

If so this giveaway is for you! I was recently sent a product from Clean and Green to try and review!

When going through the list of product they offer I had a hard time choosing which would be the best to try. I was torn between couch refresher (Toby thinks he owns it) or trying the litter box spray (Chewy has a medical condition which makes his urine very strong

Being that I found a homemade remedy to refresh couches that works wonders (gotta love baking soda and white vinegar!)  I went with the litter box spray.

I am constantly cleaning, spraying, adding freshener, baking soda and room freshers in and around the box so it smells great; I hate all the chemicals though. When I found the CLEAN+GREEN Litter Box Odor Natural Odor Eliminator and Cleaner. I was excited.

“The odor remover is a natural, green cleaning solution for the removal of cat urine odor and stains from feces, vomit, urine and hairballs in and around the litter box. Made from environmentally friendly, natural cleaning ingredients and packaged to recycle the container, you now have an eco friendly and totally effective cat urine stain and cat urine odor remover that is as safe for your pets’ health as it is for the environment. It works on cat urine odor removal as well as feces odor removal, hairballs and other litter box deposits”

This is a great product, it smells good and cleans really well. The only downsides I found with this product is the smell doesn’t last long enough (compared to adding Arm & Hammer Little Box Powder) And the price is a little high compared to other products.

Currently the price is Price: US $9.99FREE Shipping on Orders of $15 or more!

Use on:
  • Clay and all other litter
  • Wood
  • Automatic litter boxes
  • Tile
  • Regular litter pans
  • Linoleum
  • Walls
  • Floorboards

Clean and Green products are all natural. Here is a list of the INGREDIENTS.


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14 comments to Clean+Green Review & Giveaway

  • I’d like to try the Natural Urine Odor and Stain Remover Clean+Green because we have a cat & a dog & sometimes they go when they’re not supposed to. The smell makes me very sneezy & feeling sick. The sooner & better & I could clean it out the better. I want to try…

  • Stacy Clay

    I would LOVE to try the Litter Box odor eliminator. My cat doesn’t always like to use the litter box for some of his doodies (ha ha) so I am hoping this might help since I feel I have tried every product on the market at times.

  • Kristin Myers

    Oh,definitely the Natural Odor Eliminator and Stain Remover! With 2 dogs that love to swim in water and to roll in mud, no matter how much I bathe them, there’s always a hint of them on the furniture! (the 4 cats help in that department too!) 🙂

  • kathi blount

    I’d really like to try the Natural Odor Eliminator and Stain Remover Clean+Green. My couch starts to smell way to much like animals and nothing I’ve tried has completely eliminated the odors. It’s pretty embarrassing when someone sits down in my home and then wrinkles their nose!

  • Geri Hydock

    Definitely the Natural odor and stain remover! With four peet cats one can never be too careful!

  • Kim Carter

    I would love to try the Natural Odor Eliminator.

  • Robyn

    I would really like to try any of them, but most of all the Natural Odor Eliminator and Stain Remover. I am constantly burning candles to “freshen” up my house. And lots of throw rugs come in handy, because I still have not found a product that gets the stain out completely.
    Would love to try this one though.

  • I would to try the Natural Odor Eliminator and Stain Remover because we have a dog who thinks the couch is hers,so it would be nice and odor free for people

  • I would like to try the odor eliminator. My dog thinks the couch is hers. Would be nice for guest to have a nice clean smelling place to sit.

  • Kay Weaver

    I would love to try the litter box odor eliminator. No matter which litter we use, they all smell. And since the litter box is in our bathroom, it would be nice to be able to take a bath without having to smell the box!

  • Nancy Beaucage

    Would like to try the Natural odor eliminator/stain remover to keep the house smelling fresh ALL the time!

  • Katie Davis

    I would like to try the couch refresher because my dog is always getting on my couch and i hate to have my couch not smelling good if someone is coming over to visit.

  • marcia difuntorum

    I would love to try the Litter Box odor eliminator. I have two very small cats who create huge smells each day in the litterboxes!!!! This could be a life saviour if it works!!!

  • I would LOVE to try the Litter Box odor eliminator. i just took in 3 rotten kittens along with my raccoon that’s litter box trained (ha ha) so my adopted babies could use it so bad